Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stay Connected

So who you talk’n to? You. Who you talk’n to? You!... Simpler times. The good old days. I think one of the reasons I like log homes is the feeling I get of a simpler time. A time when people were more connected to each other, and the land. I enjoy technology as much as the next person, but really hasn’t it gone too far, and gotten out of control? Let me explain. One day while traveling on the ferry to the Sunshine Coast, as I was walking down the aisle looking for a place to sit, a lady was walking towards me. She was on her cell phone. As I was looking for a seat, all I could see were people on their I- pods, or playing small handheld video games. I started to think,“Don’t people interact with each other anymore?” Just as I was having this thought, a lady came around the corner. No lie, she was texting. I have also noticed walking down the street, two girls and a guy, and both the girls are texting someone. That old song comes to mind, ‘Love the one you’re with.’ I grew up in Ireland, and as a young boy I can remember being the first one on my street to have a T.V. Back then T.V. came on only in the evenings, with a choice of two stations. Now we have so many stations 24-7, that we can’t even make up our minds what to watch. My own mother, she’s a great grandmother, asked me, when did the cartoons on T.V. get so bad that she can’t sit down and watch them with her grandchildren. Some people have the idea that some cartoons are for adults and not children. How’s a child going to know the difference? Most of us will remember when Elvis’ hip moving was censored, and thought to be too sexy when he performed on the Ed Sullivan Show, so he was filmed from the waist up. What’s happened and how did we get this far off course? Back in the sixties and seventies when the music industry was exploding, and most of the popular bands of the day came out of England, the media called it The British Invasion. Songs like,‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ by the Beatles, or In North America the Turtles sang, ‘Happy Together’, while the Beach Boys sang of ‘the Little Old Lady from Pasadena’, songs that made you feel happy. So when did the lyrics in song get so bad that now we need a rating system for content. One day while I was out for a walk, a car passes by with the windows down, you could feel the vibrations as the music came pumping out. Gangster rap, with lyrics that would embarrass a Gangster. Critics refer to the f word in entertainment as the f bomb. Kind of makes you think that we are in some kind of war, maybe even an invasion. I understand that we all want free choice, free to watch what we want, free to read what we want. I believe free choices come with a cost, and I think the cost we are paying for this freedom is too high. So what happened and how did we get so far off course? We’ve all heard sayings, or read something that makes you think. I had a poster once that read, ‘Earth this is God speaking. You have till the end of the month. I have a client who is interested in the property.’ Or you have read that bumper sticker, ‘Slow down the world, I want to get off.’ Have you ever felt that things were going too fast? We all have feel good memories, memories that you need to revisit every once in a while. My own Dad got so much pleasure making homemade apple pie, and his favorite, steak and kidney pie. When was the last time you peeled some apples, and made a pie? As my heart struggles for a simpler time, the good old days, I am reminded, for this generation, these are the good old days. As my spirit is feeling a little uneasy, my wife showed me a picture. She wanted to know what frame it looked better in. It was a picture of a little boy reading his Bible. In the background were newspaper headlines of war and the troubles all around him. To my surprise the picture was called ‘Peace amid the storm.’ All these thoughts of a simpler time, of reflecting, remembering my own Dad, has given me a hunger for some home made apple pie. My hope is that we all do something that will bring back some good memories, and give us a Spirit that is thankful. I think, maybe I have a pie to bake. Log-On
Psalm 106:1 NLT
Praise the LORD! Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.

Each one off us want to feel that what we do has value, that we get some kind off recognition. It could be a pay cheque or it could be a hug or a simple word of encouragement. My sign of encouragement came one night when I found an apple pie on my kitchen table. Funny thing was the person who left the pie hadn’t read this Blog yet and unknowingly encouraged me. So I would like to say to that person VINAKA VAKA LEVU